PC-BSD 1.5 Released

www.freebsd.org_gifs_daemon-phk this little guy gives Tux fits!

Just released, and as of now not noted on the website, is PC-BSD 1.5, which is based on the FreeBSD 6 operating system. Not only is this an operating system with a Graphical User Interface, it is based on a real Unix (BSD 4.4).

As anyone who runs websites can tell you, FreeBSD has been rock solid through each iteration. Back in the days before widespread internet access, and when people used simple modems to access bulletin board systems, there was a repository called Walnut Creek, later CDROM.com. The system was huge, and ran on FreeBSD with an insane (for the time) amount of physical memory to service an (again, insane for the time) amazing number of users concurrently. The site was up for months at a time, without outages. This was back in the day when an errant sneeze would crash Windows 3.1!

The GUI of PC-BSD may not immediately grab you, but it is solid (basically KDE) and the OS works well with all but the most bleeding edge equipment. If you want to brag about your Unix skills, this would be a good place to start acquiring them, and like all the BSDs, it is much more easily changed to the user’s taste, using well documented operations.

For those crying that FreeBSD 7 is not the basis for this effort, be not afraid, the next revision will be based on 7. When that comes it will be easy to update the system, as BSD is easily and quickly upgraded – another difference from some Linux distributions.

The installer has been updated, and although still not as slick as Fedora or Ubuntu, gets the job done nicely.

Check it out and see what the really hardcore tweaks are using! (Almost – the really hardcore tweaks still use the command line exclusively – but you can pretend.)

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