Coby Karl: An Early Appearance

On Tuesday, March 11, Coby Karl made an early appearance for the L.A. Lakers, in a game that they won 117 -108 against the Toronto Raptors. Coby Karl usually has some playing time in the fourth quarter. That is only if the Lakers have the game well in hand.

Last night, Coby Karl was in the game in the second quarter. In a game where he played seven minutes, Coby had two rebounds, blocked one shot and scored a three point basket. The most notable thing was that he ran. There was effort and he did well. And when he scored, the bench really responded positively. It is obvious that he works at his game. He gave good effort, was alert on defense and is not hesitant to be physical when rebounding.

Coby Karl played some good, smart minutes. He was not drafted by the Lakers. At the beginning of the season, he was hoping to make the team and earn a pay check. He’s doing well. It’s nice to see. It is a success story.

Catherine Forsythe

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