Sound Problems With Vista/XP Dual Boot

Gnomie Kpalsm from our chat room writes:

I’m having problems with my Vista/XP dual boot, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help.

My Toshiba laptop came with Vista Ultimate installed. As I was reluctant to just go ahead and wipe it and install XP, so I decided to do a dual boot. After slipstreaming some SATA drivers onto my XP disc, it went fine — except that, even though I installed the chipset, the sound chip simply will not be recognized. It shows up as unknown in Device Manager; I used Everest to make sure it is, indeed, my sound controller, and I went and downloaded the drivers for it. I installed them, but still no dice. I also installed the HD sound drivers for my ATI Radeon Mobility HD 2600, but still no sound. I’m pretty desperate to fix this, because I want to be able to use XP, obviously.

This also leads to another problem that recently arose around the time I dual booted. When I turn the laptop off using the Start menu (in Vista; I don’t remember if it does it in XP), it goes through the “Windows is shutting down” process. Then the screen turns black like the laptop is going to shut itself off — it just stays on that black screen and doesn’t shut off, requiring me to hold the power button until it does. This isn’t really that big of a deal (it’s just a minor annoyance), but I would like to be able to turn the laptop on without waiting for the “Improper shutdown detected” dialogue.

The only things I changed since this started happening are:

  • The MBR using VistaBootPRO 3.3 to include XP and Vista (Vista is first option. Everything else is default).
  • The pagefile in Vista to be on my 500 GB external hard drive with a faster spindle speed than the internal laptop HDD (trying to increase speed, which it seems to have done).

Again, this is just a minor annoyance, but something I would like fixed if you can think of what’s wrong off the top of your head. I’m going to try switching my PF back to the internal HDD just to see if that works.

The main problem, again, is no sound in XP — I REALLY want that fixed, and would like to do it without spending money if possible. I’m thinking Toshiba won’t help because the machine came with Vista and the company didn’t make any money off of me switching to XP! And Futureshop (where I bought the machine) doesn’t actually have much tech support help — it directs me to a local shop, which isn’t free!