I’ve always been a fan of television shows over movies, and there are certain series that I just can’t get enough of. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy movies, but I’m much more likely to watch a television show if I have the choice. I’ve purchased a collection of television show seasons on DVD over the years, but now that online video has become so popular, it’s easy for anyone to watch full episodes or clips of their favorite shows on the Internet. The problem is that many times these videos are uploaded and shared illegally, but instead of just complaining about the issue, some content providers are stepping up to the plate to offer legal solutions. One of these solutions is Hulu, and now that it’s available to the public, the time has come to watch some video, my friends.

If you’ve ever felt guilty while watching copyrighted content on YouTube or downloading it via BitTorrent, then Hulu is for you. It may not have everything, but you’ll find plenty of current and classic television shows and movies that can be viewed in their entirety at any time, and all you’ll have to deal with are some short ads. The quality is great, and you can even view the videos full-screen if you would like to get the full experience. Videos can be embedded and shared in any way that you would like, and if you’re not in the mood to watch something in its entirety, then you’ll find plenty of assorted clips from other television shows and movies to keep you happy. Without a doubt, this is one of my new favorite Web sites.