A PC That Is Impervious To All Viruses And Malware

How about a computer that uses Linux Ubuntu stored on a memory module as its operating system. A PC that when one shut downs, any virus, spyware, malware or other critters are automatically removed. On your next boot you start with a new uninfected system. You can either store your information that you wish to save to a USB drive, CD or DVD or my preferred method online for later retrieval from anywhere in the world.

Does such a system exist yet? Well over at Gizmo Richards he did a review of such a device that was provided by one of his readers. He also provided a glowing review as well as an email address for the creator of the unit. There is no website for this computer that I could locate on the web.

But what I was wondering has anyone else come out with a PC or this idea before? It certainly sounded famaliar to me when I read the article. Or am I just getting my facts askew?

Comments welcome.

You can read the complete review here.

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