Data Breach at Agilent Technologies – Thousands of Files Exposed

It is the same story with only the name and numbers changed. Agilent Technologies has had a data breach involving thousands of personal files:

“…In the latest incident to come to light, the data breach notification came from Agilent Technologies Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-based maker of test and measurement equipment. Agilent last week completed the process of sending letters to 51,000 current and former employees to inform them that some of their personal and financial information may have been compromised.”

link: Yet another laptop theft: Agilent warns workers of potential data compromise

The data were not encrypted. It seems that the only way to force people to use encryption on laptops and to safeguard these massive data bases is to have the hard drive compel the user. Essentially, the hard drive would not function without encryption.

This may seem like an inconvenience and elementary hand-holding. However, it seems that people’s common sense cannot be trusted. Just look at the evidence…

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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