Is it the end of the internet? Are we using it to much. To much Bandwidth.

There have been more and more reports coming it recently that suggest that the end of the Internet if we don’t try to improve our technology, or if we slow our use down on the Internet. Bandwidth is being pushed to the max, and now with high definition videos coming out on Youtube, the question is, if there will be any of it left for anyone else.

It is estimated that the bandwidth used by youtube in 2007, was more than the entire bandwidth of everyone(in Canada) in 2001. What does that tell you? Now that Youtube is adding high definition. Could Youtube alone cause the end of the internet? With teenagers eating up bandwidth on Youtube, Facebook, Instant Messengers, and other social networking programs, teenagers eat up a huge chunk of bandwith.

Lets also take into consideration what would happen without the Internet. In my opinion the world will virtually stop. People have relied on the Internet for communication including email, online voice communication, and television. Yes we are all addicted. I myself have noticed extreme boredom upon myself without the Internet. A great portion of families have said that there likely isn’t one time of the day at least someone isn’t on the Internet.

In most cases, scientific studies are incorrect, but in my opinion the end of the Internet does seem possible. I myself know that i will not stop using it, so i am depending on the improvement of technology to save it.


Bradley Bradwell

[email protected]

note: Study of Youtube usage is an estimate, and not an official pole, or scientific study.