The Power of Dashcode Compels You!

Gnomie William (MacintechStudios on YouTube) writes:

Hey Chris,

I just read your 50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X article, and saw that you mentioned Dashcode. It’s quite timely as over the past few days I’ve been fiddling around with Dashcode myself. While it does take the “geekery” out of widget-designing, it does offer a lot of power with the integration of JavaScript to help increase the flexibility of Dashcode.

I decided to put it to the test and create what I call the “Ultimate Search Widget.” It’s technically not the “ultimate” search widget out there, as there are others which can do slightly more, however those sacrifice simplicity for power while I tried to stick to simplicity and balance out the power.

What my widget will do — and again, it was created entirely in Dashcode — is allow you to search Web sites like Google, Yahoo!, Mahalo, and the like right from its interface. However, that’s not all. It’ll also allow you to search YouTube, Flickr, Digg (and yes, I Dugg your podcast),, eBay, Wikipedia, and other sites similar to those. Again, that’s not all. With my widget I also was aiming to prevent clutter in the dashboard (this also reduces system resource use as it’s simply one widget versus four or more to do the same task). So I also included searching of to find phone numbers and home addresses, to find out the local weather or the weather of a place you’re going to (not as fast as a weather widget, but far less system resources are used), and Google Maps to get directions.

All of this from a simple to use interface that is easily browsed. Probably the best part is that Dashcode allows anyone to easily edit widgets created in it… So of course I opened its source for anyone to edit and add things they want.

I attached a zip of the latest build for you to mess around with (as well as its source), just in case you were looking for a dashboard widget with this kind of functionality.