DreamLife Powersports: Anvil’s Ultimate Snow Adventure Field Trip

For Anvil Media’s Spring field trip, we tapped DreamLife Powersports for a snow-filled adventure on Mt. Hood. The Anvil team headed up to Trillium Lake, where we were met by the DreamLife team and loads of toys. For the excursion, we rented 4 snowmobiled (aka sleds), 1 quadrunner and an RV. For the first run around the loop, we doubled up on 3 sleds while the second carload of Anvil team members were able to stay warm in the RV or enjoy a little tubing in the parking lot behind the quadrunner. The first team out had to break trail, which meant slow going and a few crashes. We managed to make it back in one piece for the second wave to take advantage of our hard work. Nearly an hour later, they arrived back at the RV basecamp damp from spending too much time flailing in the snow and not enough on the sleds. I was able to make one more run before the end of the day, in which I opened up the throttle to get a taste of highway speeds on the narrow trial as well as a little powder fun in a secret field only known to the DreamLife crew. Overall, it was an absolute blast and the team at DreamLife maximized the fun factor while keeping it professional. Check out photos from the trip on the Anvil Media photo album.

Anvil Media Team Mt. Hood Field Trip