Cheap Roman Natural Shades

Today, a reader asks:

I’ve priced out the custom order roman natural shades and I can’t believe how expensive they are. Don’t they make anything cheaper?

Custom order Roman Natural Shades are very popular right now. There are definitely cheaper options but they may not work for your windows. So before you go check out the shades I’m going to suggest, measure your windows first and take those measurements with you. Check out your home improvement big box stores, as well as places like Linens-n-things, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart. The big box home improvement stores carry them year round, the others may only be seasonal. They carry both roman looped natural shades as well as roller shades, in a variety of materials from bamboo, rattan, straw, sisal, or grass cloth. Just remember one thing, these blinds do not come customized, you can not add a decorative valance, edge banding, or cordless controls at the store so if one of those options is important you will have to go with a custom order anyways.

Very important to remember: 99% of the options in this price group cannot be cut down for you, so if your windows are odd shaped, you may be out of luck for in-stock blinds unless you mount them on the outside of your window frame. So if you want an inside mount and your not willing to budge you will have to spend more money and get the custom ordered shades. Or try and cut them yourself. This can be done, but it is tricky, and even with patience may not yield perfect results. The largest size is around $80 (depending on store).

There is one option that can be cut down at the store for you. It is by Bali, and it is actually a roller shade. So you won’t get the roman looped look. But it does have the natural woven texture in 2 colors and a continuous cord loop to control it. These roller shades are a nice option for an inside mount and are slim enough, that you could dress them up with a nice valance. The largest size is around $65 and these can be found at Home Depot.

As you can see there are many options to chose from for Natural Roman Shades, but before you choose which one is right for you, make sure you consider what options are important to you. Just because you’ve saved some money doesn’t mean you will be happy with the end results. If you are looking for regular shades, with the cord control and no edge banding or additional valance, go for the in-stock option. But if edge banding, top down/bottom up or having the controller on the side will make the shade for you stick with the special order option, and order them as you can afford them.

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