Candace Parker: Officially A Sports Legend

Candace Parker plays for the Lady Vols, the basketball team from Tennessee. And she is tough. – Michael Jordan may have played through a bad case of the flu. Kobe Bryant may continue the season with an injured finger. However, Candace Parker is every bit as competitive. Last night, she played in the NCAA tournament with a dislocated shoulder:

“…Parker dislocated her left shoulder, but still scored 26 points to lead the Lady Vols out of a second-half deficit for a 53-45 win over Texas A&M in the Oklahoma City Regional final Tuesday night.

She twice left the game in the first half with the injury and she didn’t return until about halfway through the second half. She scored six of the Lady Vols’ points in an 8-0 run as they overcame a 42-37 deficit.”

link: Injured Parker carries Tennessee past Texas A&M

A dislocated shoulder is painful. It can be excruciatingly painful simply to take a step. Candace Parker returned to the count and played. That is just amazing.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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