A Positive Vista Article. Gasp.

Over the past year and five months, I have seen virtually every kind of negative review possible for Windows Vista. I’ve heard it compared to Windows ME, BOB, and other failed projects. As the pundits continue to refer to Vista as an obvious disaster, I take a look at my laptop and wonder what all the fuss is about.

The day vista was released into the public, I went to my local Fry’s and picked up a brand new HP Pavilion dv6000z. I picked the laptop with AMD processors, integrated video, and overall minimum requirements. It came with Windows Vista Premium. I immediately started using some seriously intensive programs such as Second Life, Half Life 2, and the Adobe Suite. I discovered quickly that RAM wasn’t going to cut it at 1gb so I upped it to 2.

I’ve spent a year now on this laptop running Vista through test after test, trial after trial. I’ve recently started live streaming from it hoping that would wake up some of these hidden “problems” that I keep hearing about review after review. I haven’t found these outrageous issues. Infact, my Samson C01u condenser USB microphone only works on Vista, and not on XP. Webcams I’ve tested plug in and self-install just fine on Vista, not on XP.

I’ve tried hooking up old printers, and found that they install easier on Vista than XP every time. Networking took some figuring out, which I’ll grant was a headache at first. Getting Vista to shake hands and play nice with XP took a little getting used to.

Of the hundreds and thousands of problems pundits continue to throw at consumers concerning the horrors of this operating system, I have stumbled across one or two. This is why my advice to anyone concerning Vista has been and will continue to be to upgrade if you’re getting a new PC. Old PCs may have a thousand issues, however the ones I’m coming across with Vista pre-installed for the most part seem to function just fine. Yes, Vista takes more system resources. That is a sad thing, though something I’d expect from any Microsoft release.

I’m only writing this because I can’t switch to a mac….

Matt of The Daily PWN