What to Avoid in a Job Interview

When interviewing for that position that you so desperately want, careerbuilder.com  says that there are fifteen mistakes that you must avoid.


  1. Don’t shotgun out resumes to jobs you are not qualified to accept.  Instead aim for those positions that fulfill your career goals and for which you are trained. 
  2. Don’t automatically send out a video resume. These are often of no interest to hiring managers who have no desire to see you act. However, if the position is one in which you will be acting then a video resume would be called for. 
  3. Never assume that you are on a first-name basis with the interviewer even if they are younger than you. It is considered appropriate to wait until the interviewer provides you with their first name and gives you permission to use it. 
  4. If you really want a position it is best to keep your private life private. Make sure that you have nothing embarrassing to be found on MySpace or Facebook. 
  5. Make sure that you are prepared for the interview, don’t wing it. Every hiring manager will appreciate the effort you made to find out about the company that you are hoping will hire you. You should know what the company’s product or service is, who the company president is and where the company hopes to be in 10 years. This along with an idea of how you can fit your skills into their corporate structure will help you appear more practiced and passionate than candidates who are not prepared. 
  6. Definitely dress for the part that you hope to acquire. That means you should not dress too sexy, too casual, or too outrageous. In addition, be aware that cheap and the overuse of perfume can often be a turnoff to the interviewer. 
  7. Don’t just apply for any job. When you do find the one you want though go after it like an athlete in training. 
  8. Don’t just answer the interviewer’s questions with a yes or no. They want to hear a direct response from you to the questions that they ask. In answering it is permissible to support your point with specific examples. Remember, that talking too much portrays nervousness and/or the inability to deliver a direct response. 
  9. Do not appear unprofessional by suggesting that the interviewer contact you at an inappropriate email address such as [email protected],.com . 
  10. It is important that you keep your resume short. A ten page list of all your accomplishments is a huge mistake so try to abridge your efforts into a more manageable version or the interviewer is likely to put it to the side as too much trouble to review. 
  11. Make sure that you don’t forget to network with those people who can help you. Jobs are often awarded on the basis of who recommends you or on who you know. 
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance in finding the perfect job for you. In actuality, asking is one of the best things you can do and shows you as a person of courage who really wants to get the job that you are applying for.  
  13. Don’t forget to thank the interviewer for their time regardless of the outcome. This should be done in the form of an email to the hiring manager. You can use it as an opportunity to make another impression on him that may move you up on the list of possible hires. In some cases you can ace a job interview and even get a job offer only to have it revoked by a carelessly worded or inappropriate thank you not. 
  14. Also important is that you do not bad mouth your last employer. No matter how bad he was remember that the person interviewing you must look out for the best interest of the company that you want to hire you. If you bad mouth one employer they may well wonder what will keep you from bad mouthing them if everything doesn’t work out the way you want it to. 
  15. Lastly, be prepared with a list of good questions. Not asking open-ended questions is a sure-fire way to show that you don’t care about the company. Questions like “Where do you see this position going?” or “What is going to make the person who takes this position successful?” are good possibilities that will make it look like you have given the position a lot of thought.


I sincerely hope that this recap of Careerbuilder’s information will help you to achieve your employment goals in an economy where jobs are becoming harder to find.


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