Dirk Nowitzki May Have a Playoff Surprise

It seems that Dirk Nowitzki may have cast his Most Valuable Player (MVP) ballot. Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t have a vote but it seems that he sees Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as far more dangerous than Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets:

“…”I think that’s definitely a matchup we wanted to avoid,” Nowitzki conceded after Dallas survived its star forward’s worst individual performance since the All-Star break, overcoming Nowitzki’s 4-for-16 misfiring thanks largely to the long-awaited 100th triple-double of Jason Kidd’s career.

Dirk continued: “This was definitely a win we wanted to get … and don’t see the Lakers.””

link: Mavericks Are Wednesday’s Big Winners

These sentiments surely will be added motivation for Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets have had a terrific season and finished second in a tough Western Conference. Dirk Nowitzki should know how good they are. The Hornets may surprise those who have not followed them closely because they do not play in one of the large media centers.

If the Dallas Mavericks are eliminated again in the first round of the playoffs, they may have a new head coach next season. Certainly, there will be changes if these playoffs do not go well. The Mavericks have built for these playoff, with the Jason Kidd trade. The Dallas Mavericks may need a team of therapists to resolve the psychological trauma if they are bounced in the first playoff round for a second year.

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