Internet Companies Taking Out Brick and Mortar Companies

It’s interesting to see the evolution of Internet stores. Back in 2000, some analysts were saying how Internet stores were just a fad, and could never compete with your local brick and mortar store. Now there are several industries that Internet sites dominate so well, that stores are vanishing from the landscape.

Blockbuster is getting pwnd by Netflix again since they raised their rates. Not to mention Netflix is always one step ahead. They were first to offer movie rentals over the mail and now they keep evolving with their service where you can view movies and TV shows online. They also are planning set top boxes for your TV to make delivery of movies even easier.

All record stores are getting pwnd by iTunes. Tower Records never had a chance. Other options such as Wal-Mart censor some of their selection, turning buyers off. There is also the piracy option of course.

I’m surprised Amazon hasn’t taken over book stores. Places like Barnes & Noble and Borders do well only because yuppies have to have a place to be seen reading or using their laptop while they sip on their cappuccino. One day I believe they will meet their demise though.