When I was young, I had teachers tell me to concentrate on what I was working on, and not let my mind become taken over by thoughts that were either not of any consequence or on the periphery of the task at hand.

It was good advice.

The voting public could take that advice today, and dwell on it for awhile. In the Democratic race for the nomination, the focus has been put on things that will have absolutely no effect on how the person performs the duties as President of the United States.

Who has not had to shudder at something someone in their own family has said at some time? Do we have complete control over things said by anyone else? Of course not. So why should Barack Obama be held responsible for anything his pastor says? Do any who attend church agree with each and every statement made by a pastor? I never did. People are affected by
things differently, they interpret facts differently, and they speak about even the very same facts differently.

Is any of this going to change how Mr. Obama deals with anything? Maybe, but it is highly unlikely. How does the questioning, so overblown at this point, help anyone get an idea of how the man will approach taxes, the war, the needs of of poor, or any other item of concern? It wastes time, and though this election cycle seems like it will never end, the time will expire to question the way things might get handled.

Mrs. Clinton is also having to explain about the ‘gunfire’ she dodged – let it go! Ask her, instead, to explain, exactly how she will move upon the Congress to put universal healthcare into place. Ask how she could have ever said she would obliterate Iran, if an attack on Israel came from that country. Is this not what should be poked, prodded, and thoroughly discussed? I know that if any Republican had said that, it would get the Democrats so worked up that the resulting tumult would never be quashed by any lack of media coverage, or efforts of the rest of the Republican party.

November is not that far away. The time is evaporating as we sit and do nothing but carp over stupid things. Ask the right questions. Get the answers so that an informed choice can be made. The time to let an idiot into the position of President is over.

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