Apple Keyboard Part #1

This is the first review of two. As you might have heard form my Twitter I have been using the Apple aluminum keyboard. I have decided to do a review tonight. I will do another review in a few weeks. This will be the review on what I have noticed in the first week of owning it.

  • I have to give credit to Apple because this seems to be a very well made product. I have had great experiences with it.
  • I have had a issue though with the function keys at the top. You know like the ones that are supposed to turn the volume up and down and the eject key. The computer recognizes them just not what they are supposed to do. This is mainly due to the KVM i use. The Computer doesn’t even notice it is an Apple keyboard.
  • Main thing I have noticed is the odd spacing between the keys. When I go to school I use a normal keyboard made by dell. The only problem is the spacing between the has has caused me to be off. I have type os all the time.
  • The other thing I have noticed is that the keys have little room to go down. In other words if you are a girl with long nails this might annoy you.
  • The set up was a breeze and my mac and p.c. all I had to do was plug it in.
  • The overall experience has been great so far. I hope to have a review to you soon about how it does in the long run.
  • The main thing is that the keyboard takes some getting used to but once you do you will be happy. Also I don’t know if I would recommend this to people who do a lot of typing; it tends to wear on your fingers.