Cyber Bullying

This is the last post of the night. The topic of cyber bullying is such a broad topic. There are laws against it and it is a bad thing to do. The following is a report I wrote for computer let me know what you think.

What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber Bullying is when a child, pre-teen, or teen is involved. When adults are involved it is never called cyber bullying, it is referred to as cyber harassment or cyber stalking. Cyber bullying is when one kid is bullying another by using some form of technology, usually IM. They are telling the other kid that people hate them or they are sending death threats. This crime usually does not receive jail time, but due to terms of service it may receive aloes of ISP and/or IM.
• How does it work? There are two different types of cyber bullying. One is when there is only one person involved called a direct attack the other, proxy involves another person. Direct attack is when one person is harassing or threatening the other. Cyber bullying by proxy involves another person. Sometimes this other person doesn’t know it. For example if you were talking to someone and said something bad about someone else. And the IM/ e-mail got forwarded to the person you were making fun of that would be cyber bullying by proxy.
• Why do kids Cyber Bully? Kids do a lot of stuff that is stupid this is just another one of them. Kids often cyber bully because they feel they need revenge or need to remind people of their own social standing. Sometimes it is a person who started out as a schoolyard bully and found he liked cyber bullying better. Many kids do because they feel that no one knows who they are. In the case of revenge it is typically because a nerd who has gotten made fun of all these years decides to tale r4evenge on someone, because they won’t know who he is. On the other had some kids do it for fun. These kids often don’t think about the serious effects it could have on them. If a kid has too much time on his hands he might cyber bully to get laughs or to see what the reaction will be. Then once they find it fun it goes too far.
• Prevention. To stop it before it starts you can educate kids about the consequences such as losing their access to the internet or Instant Messaging. Once it has started there is no one way to fix it. There are many different motives so there is no one fix. The best thing you can do is remove computer privileges and talk about why the kid might have done it.
• How to take action. You can stop cyber bullying be educating kids about it in the schools. The best thing you can do is talk to the teens themselves. Another thing you can do is to show kids what happens to people who get involved. You can tell them that the cyber bully often gets in a lot of trouble and the person being cyber bullied might kill themselves over it. Over all you can tell them that why you would do something like this. Mainly all you need to do is raise cyber bullying awareness and talk to teens about it.
• What is the law against cyber bullying? There are consequences to being a cyber bully. You could get in a lot of trouble possibly jail time and you could have to live with the fact that the person you cyber bullied kid the self. You would have to live with the fact that you are responsible for that families sorrow. So don’t do it!