Mario Kart Wii Review

Nintendo recently released a new Mario Kart game on the Wii. Now this time around Nintendo has added a special wheel with the game so players can experience a new way to play Mario Kart but you can still use the Wii Nunchuk, the Classic controller, and the Gamecube controller if you don’t want to use the Wii Wheel. Now this game also allow players to choose between Karts and Bikes, so that’s a nice addition to the series. Just like Mario Kart DS they got some new stages and some classic stages from previous Mario Kart games. They also included online play so you can play with other Mario Kart fans from all over the world. Now this game is great, the wheel will only take a little bit to get used to and sooner or later you will master it. Now as for online play I tried playing with people from the US and people from all over the world and I was impressed that it didn’t lag that’s great because I had some lag problems with Mario Kart DS that made me not play online play that much. A bunch of extras to unlock so this game is a must buy for Mario Kart fans and it’s a great racing game for the Wii for anyone that wanted one especially with the addition of the Wii Wheel.