Some Of The $44 Billion Should Go Into QC for Windows Update

File under : What were the overseers at Windows Update thinking?

Last week, an update cam through for users that have IDT sound chips on their motherboards. IDT used to be known as SigmaTel, and so many of you know these chips are found on many Intel motherboards. This update, specified as IDT High Def Codec, when installed causes the sound to stop working entirely, and in the Control Panel a Code 10 error is shown. Code 10 errors are indicative of resource allocation problems, and are sometimes difficult for the non-expert to resolve. This update seems to specifically target many Dell customers, and they are quite peeved.

At this point, there is no news on a fix, and the Dell customer service is simply telling their customers to either uninstall the Vista update or deselect it if the update has not yet been done.

With all eyes on Microsoft because of the problems with Vista to date, and the uproar over the Yahoo buyout, perhaps someone in charge at the Windows Update site should have tested this on a system before allowing it to be released.

Simple quality control appears to be well buried at Microsoft these days – someone should spend some money on this.

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