Traveling means different things to different people. For some of us, we’re just trying to get from one location to the other, and this is usually the case with business travelers who are so preoccupied with what they have to accomplish that they can’t even enjoy the journey. However, others make an effort to enjoy every moment of their trips, and they immerse themselves in what each area has to offer so that they can truly experience it. If you’re a traveler who enjoys stepping away from your familiar surroundings, then you might want to take a look at GlobeTrip.

Traveling within the United Sates is one thing, but GlobeTrip has an international presence, and almost all of the content that you’ll find here will be related to countries outside of the United States, which is great. You can plan on finding other travelers, watching video guides, seeing photos, and reading travel journals. I’d love to visit more countries in the future, and GlobeTrip is giving me a taste of what I can expect once I get to them.