LeBron James: A Very Tough Day at the Office

Reputations are made in the playoffs (for example, see Chris Paul). And sometimes reputation are dented in the playoffs. Last night, LeBron James had a nightmare game against the Boston Celtics. His Cleveland Cavaliers lost 76 – 72 in Game One of the second playoff round.

The game was remarkable for the shots that LeBron James did not make. He took eighteen shots – and made two of them. That is a shooting per centage of eleven per cent. Add to this ten turnovers and it is thirty nine very unusual minutes for LeBron James.

link: Cavaliers / Celtics

The game was unusual for the Celtics too. Ray Allen did not score a point. Paul Pierce scored four points. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce matched LeBron James. These two Celtic All-Stars took a combined eighteen shots and made two of them. It is safe to say that shooting per centages will increase in Game Two. This opening game was an oddity.

Catherine Forsythe
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