Charity Scams

The news is dominated with heartbreaking disasters. There are natural disasters nationally and internationally; and the newscasts document the rising death tolls in horrid numbers. These tragedies elicit our want to contribute and to help. Unfortunately, hackers know that this is a time when the general public is most susceptible to being manipulated. Perhaps there is already spam in your inbox asking for a contribution. Consider the hackers to be one of the ‘first responders’ to human tragedy:

link: Disaster Scam

This Federal Trade Commission (FTC) site provides some precautions. Hackers will use these tragedies for their own gain. They are quick to use tragedies to manipulation people’s helpful intentions. You may be immune to the appeals and the social engineering from hackers and criminals. Others are not. There is enough profit for these scams to continue. Tell others of these disaster scams. The charities do need the financial resources, so let others know how to ensure that the donations reach the legitimate agencies.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations