What Do You Look For When Buying A New Computer?

I need help, y’all. I am doing some research, and hitting a brick wall.

I need good, honest answers to the following question. The catch is: I need answers from an “average computer user” standpoint, and NOT from a “geek” or “power user” standpoint. Not so easy, trust me.

What does an average computer user look for when buying a new system? Doesn’t matter if it’s laptop or desktop. What questions might they ask of themselves, or the salesperson? What do they consider?

I have the obvious already:

  • What software does it come with?
  • Will it run MY software?
  • Price
  • Aesthetics (some people DO care what it looks like, above other things)
  • Brand name
  • Warranty

So come on guys! Help a girl out! What else can you think of?