AVG, OCZ, Firefox, SP3 Follow-Up Reports

I thought I would do some follow up reporting on some issues that keep coming up.

AVG 8 is still posing problems for Eudora users. Though the nag screen from AVG 7.5 states the freebie will expire on May 31, 2008 in the forums AVG tech. support has stated that the actual date is Dec. 31, 2008. So what is the real expiration date? Well on June 1, 2008 if AVG 7.5 still updates I guess that will answer the question for all of us. We must all remember that this is a free version and support is nil. However you can get a users manual for AVG 8 that I have found is very helpful here.

Over at OCZ Technology they got back to me and gave me a link to their barebones computer system here. Price of the laptop in barebones setup is $699.95. You supplu the CPU, RAM, HD and operating system. The system supports bothMicrosoft Windows XP and Windows Vista. Some have suggested that you may be better off buying an OEM gaming system. I believe that the only advantage to a barebones system is if you have a legal copy of Windows already, than their may be a cost advantage. This is a decision only you can make.

Problems continue with SP3. My buddy Denny just got finished with a Dell system where in SP3 had been installed via auto update. The system wouldn’t boot at all. After some fiddling the system booted, but would shutdown when a USB device was plugged in. Long story, short. Uninstalling SP3 did the trick and all was well. It was an Intel box not an AMD. Go figure.

Firefox 3 RC1 is available for download and yes, some of your extensions may not work. If you are having this problem try using this tool from Mozilla here. Read the directions on the site. It requires a reboot of Firefox BEFORE you can select the compatibility option. 🙂

SP3 problems are still slowly trickling in. Be patient. It is going to take some time to fix some of the issues. Vista SP1 issues also will take some time to iron out.

Comments welcome.

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