Initial Home Page Slow to Load in Internet Explorer

It was such a frustrating problem. The initial home page, when starting Internet Explorer (IE), would load but very very slowly. It would take over a minute (and sometimes longer) on a cable connection. Once the home page had loaded completely, IE worked well and other pages were not a problem.

With the help of some expert friends at Spywareinfo and other security sites, there was a barrage of email exchanged for two days. We methodically tried hypothesis after hypothesis. With each failure, we were more determined and more interested in finding out what caused this. The number of things that were tried are too extensive to list here but we tried to be thorough. At the start, the thought was that it was a malware or rootkit problem. I should mention that the same home page was not a problem to load in either Opera or Firefox. It was just a frustration in IE.

To summarize a long misspent weekend, the culprit was the Google toolbar. The solution is to uninstall the Google toolbar and then reinstall it again. Then the initial home page of IE loads almost instantaneously. This solves the problem but it would be so nice to send Google a bill for all the hours that these security experts and I spent on this problem. – And to all the people who helped resolve this problem, “thank you – thank you – thank you!”. Marissa, please have this fixed!

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations