Movie Plot Threat

Firstly apologies for my recent silence – but my household has not been well this past month or so. I have a teen doing his As with glandular fever and then I got the flu big time … but I’m back to my sporadic postings.

For the last three years Bruce Schneier has run a movie plot threat contest. The idea being to generate fear, but specifically in this case to alleviate a fear one could resolve by selling a product – all in under 150 words.

Well Bruce has just announced the winner and it’s “Tommy Tester Toothpaste Strips” – the link will take you to a brief intro, the top 5 entries as selected by Bruce’s readers and a link to each. All a bit of fun, but it also raises an awareness, I think, of some of the junk we fall for. Also, Bruce’s blog and newsletter on security matters are top reading. I don’t always agree with him but mostly I do.