Turn the Lights Off

With three people in the house driving a car somewhere burning $4 gas every day, I have become really conscious of the energy we are consuming. In the process of researching the cost of alternative energy sources, one of the sites I was looking at mentioned my need to clean up my wasteful consumption before designing a solar or wind solution.

Well duh. Why didn’t I think of that? So last night on the way to bed I counted 17 incandecent and 4 CFL (compact florescent light) bulbs on four switches burning. This morning on my way out to work, the same set of lights are on. No one was using the lights either time. So I’m going to start cracking down on leaving devices on when not in use. Whether or not anyone cares, I think I’ll log it online somewhere everytime I have to harrass a teenager to turn out a light.

I think there may even be a couple of computers that never get turned off…..