Aftermath of the PBS Series CARRIER

Three years after the documentary was filmed, it finally aired. The 17 member production crew lived on board the USS Nimitz for 6 months, during its cruise in the Persian Gulf. The series ended with an emotional event that left viewers in awe. AOAN Chris Altice left his pregnant girlfriend stateside for the duration of the cruise. Throughout the six month journey, Altice had issues staying in touch with his girlfriend, and suspected that something was wrong. At the end of the cruise, Altice found out that his girlfriend was seeing her ex-boyfriend. The ending to the series left viewers wondering how many of the other 5000 crew members came home to disappointment after six months of working in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A lot has happened in the three years since the documentary was filmed. Chris Altice is no longer with his girlfriend and his daughter is two and a half years old. He lives across the country, but occasionally sees his daughter when he is able to travel to California. In the three years since, there have been many promotions and discharges from the Navy. The commanding officer of the USS Nimitz, Captain Ted Branch, has since been promoted to Lower Half Rear Admiral. Chris Altice has left the Navy, and is working as a civilian. He has made a few video blogs about his life after Carrier, due to the large number of emails/letters and other contacts that he has been getting since the series ended. One thing that he has stressed is that a lot has happened over the last three years and that he does not want any negative letters sent in the direction of his ex. And in my opinion, that is a very good thing to do. The public does not know everything that has happened in the last three years — the audience of CARRIER is stuck three years in the past.

His video blogs can be found at one of two locations: or

Altice is the only USS Nimitz member that I have found who has been talking about his life after the series, however I am sure that there are more people who are talking. One thing is for sure, people who are in the military who are serving over seas deserve more pay and more benefits. They spend 6 months working 12-18 hour days, seven days a week.

The series was very interesting, and it shed a lot of light on what it is like to be in the military and be away from your family and normal life for such a long period of time. If you have not seen it, I would highly suggest watching it at PBS’ website, or buying the series.

Justin Capasso