Should Gates Stay At Microsoft And Put Off Retirement?

We will fight them on the beaches, in the trenches, in the air and under the sea. No matter where they try to hide, we will destroy them! A famous speech from a WWII leader. Nope just the mind set of Microsoft while they attempt to swallow up Yahoo. You may have noticed that Bill Gates is still hanging out and was the spokesperson for the new cashback scheme being offered over at Live Search.

Let’s face it. Steve Ballmer is a clown at times who’s antics are well known. But is he the kind of leader that Microsoft needs when they are facing such a crucial battle?  Microsoft is well aware that they need to try and catch Google before the world famous search company has control of the universe. But who is going to lead this charge?

Look what happened at Dell. Michael Dell gave the reins to his company over to a CEO who ran the good ship Dell right into the ground. Whether Dell will be able to recover from this down ward spiral is left to be seen. But one can look back at Carly Fiorina’s decision to merge HP-Compaq, once considered ludicrous by some, as a deal that has paid handsome rewards for the HP empire. If someone would of said five years ago that Dell would fall to the #3 spot, they would of been called daffy. Yet it did happen and the #4 spot is available if one asks Acer. 🙂

So getting back to this Microsoft, Yahoo and Google debacle. The folks at Redmond are well aware that in order to remain in their position as the tip of the sword, they need to make a huge splash on the Internet and Yahoo is a must have. This is where I believe that Microsoft will need to depend on Bill Gates to save the company. Bill knows where all of the skeletons are, which buttons to push, and how to succeed where few have.

So what do you think? Should Gates stick around?

Comments welcome.