It’s lonely at the top

I was bebopping around the Web one day and had one of those epiphanies everyone except me are always having but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe it was like a leftover epiphany that someone else had and didn’t use. It really lessened the experience for me. I began thinking of it as an epip or epoof; anyway, I’m sure whoever had it first was really moved.

It’s been like that for me for as long as I can remember. I have really great ideas, but I’m not the first guy to have them. I think I was born too late. Are you familiar with the superconductor train that goes like three hundred miles an hour in Japan? That was mine. Mr. Bitzer in the fourth grade asked us to come up with our own invention and after holding the opposite ends of two magnets together I began drawing up plans for electromagnetic streets. I think when I turned in that assignment I even put the date on the top: 1969. I bet Mr. Bitzer was a Japanese spy. I don’t want to hear about how they have been working on that train since the forties. it was my idea! Somebody else just had it first. That doesn’t make it any less mine…

Look at Bill and Windows. Oh, yeah! My epoop. Okay, here goes: I build this Web site and put everything but the kitchen sink on it like video, music, social networking, forums, games, shopping, and I focus the site toward one demographic: oh, say WEBMASTERS! Then I ask other webmasters if they want to join me and build a community of like-minded people to help and share with one another different tips and tricks about running a Web site… well, what do you think? I went ahead and did it and if you’re interested you can check it out at

And if you are the type of person who likes to share, then join me and maybe we can build a network of epic proportions — wait, I know! We’ll call it MyFace or Spacebook! No, wait, I’ve got it! I was bebopping around when I thought of it! Bebop… bopbe… bebo… bebe… Tsukubai! Let’s see somebody else come up with that one first!