In the hunt for an inexpensive way to Broadcast via webcam an annual event

I need to find out how best to broad cast a webcam session from two different locations at the same time so members of our group that can not make it to our annual BBQ can participate.  I figure I will need streaming video and audio and those participants that can not be there physically can join in on Ventrilo and still be a part of the program.

 My search actually is what turned me on to lockergnome via’s website and live webcam session.  I did get a few tips from the group found in on’s IRC channel #Chris.  Send your comments giving me what you think a good inexpensive setup would be.  Camera models, connections to the internet, Software needed, and overall the best way to do it.

One of our guys wants to just “video skype” it and that’s that.  I know there is a better way.  So I am looking forward to your comments.

Take care for now, until next time,