Is More Always Better?

Is More Always Better?

For quite a long time now I’ve been dealing with the dreaded “Low Signal” or “Limited Conductivity” with my wireless internet whenever I moved from more than one room from where my wireless router was located. I’ve been putting off buying a new one for quite awhile now, because if I really needed to use the internet I could always move to another room, or use one of the desktops that where connected to my router directly. I’m not saying I hadn’t Gawked at the new and improved, Ultra, Mega 3 antenna wireless router, but I kept convincing it couldn’t be that much better. They could easily strap on another couple antennas and claim that the improvement was unimaginable. I was always told that more isn’t better as a child….and well I’m sticking to this excuse. In reality I had just got used to dealing with the “Lack of Range”, and was too cheap to consider the upgrade.

It was only when my ancient wireless router (Carved from stone, and came with a rock as a free gift), that my father had bought, starting to randomly drop the internet on both the wireless and wired computers that I decided that I needed to purchase a new one. After comparing features, prices, and deals on the internet, I finally went out and got myself a new router.

FREEDOM! It’s sounds really silly, but being able to have the internet in any room is truly amazing. To have 5 bars in one room, and still have 5 bars on the other side of the house feels great. Being unrestricted in where I can sit, relax and search the net is something that is hard to describe after having to sit in a certain room, and that perfect angle, while wearing tin foil on your head to get any kind of connection.

So my advice for everyone who is suffering from the “Low Conductivity” low range blues…

MORE Antennas IS BETTER… at lease in my case.

If you’ve had the low range,

And finally decided to change

Don’t be sorry,

Just tell your story.