Where is the wonder?

Lately I have been feeling somewhat down. Why? I miss the feeling of wonder about certain things I encounter when I was younger (teenager and younger) than I do now. I’m current 42 and part of me made the mistake of checking out a DVD of the Doctor Who episode, Castrovalva. I really enjoyed that episode and was entranced by the story and locations however going back and watching it I was very let down but I forgot how cheesy the special effects were. I know earlier versions of Doctor Who where infamously known for their bad effects and sets but since I am getting more and more into video production I saw so much that I could do to improve the show myself compared the what was released around 1980. Conversely I saw the Empire Strikes Back on TV the other day and it also was released in 1980 but I was amazed that it was made almost 30 years ago. Dang, it even hurts to hear myself think that and makes me feel old to say the least.

The first time I learned web design I had an initial let down despite the excitement of learn the technology. When I first saw web site back in the mid ’90s it seemed almost like magic to me. Don’t laugh. Of course I soon learned how un-magical they were.

Do you ever feel down when things that once brought you great wonder now seem so ho-hum? Do you refrain from learning certain things so you won’t “see behind the curtain” at the risk of losing the magical feeling? What continues to make you feel great wonder? What has frustrated you the most in regards of losing the feeling of wonder?