Google's 10-15 Plan

There are so many things that we hear about Google, it is sometimes hard to differentiate fact from fiction.  So this weekend, when I ran into an ex-Googler, I was surprised to hear about the Google 10-15 plan. First of all let me explain where I was when I met this person.

Over the Memorial day weekend, [for those in other countries this is when we honor our war dead here in the US], I attended a car show at our local fairgrounds which had an assembly of some 250+ street rods of  all types on display.  I was walking through the maze of cars, I noticed one with a California plate and struck up a conversation with the owner. He was a Bay Area boy like myself and after we traded some chit-chat back and forth, he mentioned he had previously worked at Google.

My ears perk up because I smelled a story. Something about some secret information about the inner workings of the Google empire. Maybe that the Googleplex houses some secret entries and exits only those in the know, know about.  Project X? After toying with me he mentions the Google 10-15 plan.

What is the Google 10-15 plan?  Seems that since everyone gets treated to free gourmet food at the Googleplex, it is common that some Googlers put on 10 to 15 pounds while working for Google. What top secret position did this guy have with Google? He worked as a Google as a security guard 🙂

Oh well.

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