A Joke of a Joke

Ever had something in your mind that was so funny that you could barely talk, but when you went to express your humorous masterpiece, all you got were funny looks. We’ve all had these moments where we thought our funny story or joke would break down a room to laughter, but instead all we got was awkward smiles or “fake laughs”. (The fake laughs are worse than the odd smile for future “that’s not funny” reference.)  Having personally experienced some of these situations I can easily forgive people who end up in the same predicament, but there is a limit.

A couple days ago I was watching the news and to my amazement a news story flashed across my screen saying that some parents had put their infant up for bid on eBay. I was stunned a little at first that any parent would want to seriously pull this kind of stunt and I expected some kind of half-intelligent excuse from the parents. Then to my amazement their excuse was simply, “It was a joke.” What kind of warped sense of humor would a parent have to have to put up their child on eBay, even as a joke, for the reason that it was crying to much? Adding insult to injury, even though by point I couldn’t care what else they had done – they were beyond anything redeemable in my eyes, they had posted their son for $1.57.

The lack of ethics in some people just astonishes me. To lack the common sense to see that putting your own child on eBay as a joke, is a joke. Not a Ha-Ha funny kind of joke, but something more in tune to these parents are a joke. I may seem harsh to some, but I have little tolerance for people who aren’t serious with their children. What will the boy think when he gets older and is told his parents tried to sell him on eBay?

No matter if you agree or disagree with me, leave a post on what you think.

Do you see this as a simple joke, or a “Joke of a joke”?

Am I too harsh, or too lenient?

If you want to look further into the story, I found a news article on it:

News Article