RegCure – Effective Software Or Con Job?

I’m surfing the Internet when I run into an article about how to cure registry problems. The articles explains how the Windows Registry can become corrupted with malware, spyware and other intrusive files. The author goes on to explain in detail how this can slow down your PC. So far so good. But there is something wrong here. In the about the author section it just refers to a free scan by a product called Regcure, but no link. Strange.

So I do a Google for Regcure and bang. I use WOT [warns users of risky websites] and up pops all kinds of link warnings. But what was of interest was a site for complaints about the RegCure software. I took a look at some of the complaints against RegCure and it seems that this software causes more problems than it cures. Here is one tale:

I went on the Internet to find something to improve the poor performance of my computer. Regcure promised to repair all of the problems on my computer, so I purchased it and downloaded the program. After running the program my computer would boot up OK but none of my programs would work. I kept getting messages that said “Winsock2 needs to be installed on this computer” and IHPIPAPI.DLL file is not functioning. When I tried to go to the Internet to report theses problems I discovered that I was no longer able to access the Internet. I am not a computer geek so I depend on the products I purchase from the Internet to maintain my computer. I am making this report on my son’s computer since mine no longer works. I went online to [email protected] and reported my problem. I got no response. So I e-mailed them at [email protected] and asked them to refund my money. I still have not received a response. I am reporting this in the hopes that I might save some poor sucker from loosing the use of his/her computer as I have.

I’ve never used RegCure, have you? If you have lets us know what your experience has been. We may be able to save someone from the hassle of bad software if in fact this is the case with RegCure.

Comments welcome.

Complaint site is here.