XP on Empty?

Microsoft has announced that the last day that anyone will be able to sell XP will be on June 30. This means that any store/pre-built computer will not be sold. There is still one loop whole. You can use a CD of Microsoft that you already have. A pre-built computer manufacture can ship with Windows XP Pro, but they have to put an image on the HD so you can upgrade whenever you want. The real reason that I wrote this post is to talk about what this meant for the future of Microsoft. As we all have heard or experienced first-hand Vista is not the Ideal operating system. Unless Microsoft makes some major upgrades on Vista before June 30 we will be in trouble. I have not yet upgraded to Vista because of it’s lack of support and bugs. As a matter of fact I am using Mac OS X 10.5.2 as my main operating system. I love it! You know right now I am predicting that with the shut down of XP and the Quality of Vista Mac will be the way to go. Microsoft will have to figure something out soon or they may be in hot water. The fact is that Vista sucks and XP is aging fast. The race is on to see what will happen. XP wont support the new technology and Vista bugs out running it. What are your thoughts comments are welcome. What do you think will happen?