Comcast Hacking — When Will Customers See a Fix?

After hackers took control of Comcast’s homepage and redirected it to other servers — customers are still seeing issues, almost a day later.

Hackers took over and defaced Comcast Corp.’s Web portal for several hours overnight, leaving a cryptic message on the site that the company’s 14.1 million subscribers use to access e-mail, news and technical support. 

Link: Time 

As a Comcast customer, I still cannot connect to to get my mail from Gmail or Thunderbird.  The only way I can get my email is to log into their webmail interface.  I didn’t even know of the problem until I saw the issue on FlyingHamster.  Then I checked my gmail account and noticed that it stopped fetching mail from Comcast at 3:43am.

Hopefully they get things up and running soon.  I am trying to talk to @comcastcares on Twitter about the issue.

Justin Capasso