Severing the Lines of Communications

How many times have you read that we are always connected to everybody at all times, thanks to our handy dandy connections with technology. Reading these lines didn’t really register to me, and the only thought crossed my mind was – I don’t have my cell phone all the time. The true realization came to me a couple weekends ago when I went on one of the first camping trips of the year. I do these kinds of trips every year but for some reason the lack of information, and communication really seemed to hit home.
The luxury of being able to look up the smallest piece of information had become an unappreciated given in my life, and without it I got an odd feeling. Has society, including myself, lost sight of the luxury at our finger tips? Do we take for granted the endless amount of information that is available at a click of a mouse? Until that weekend I saw my lines of communication as a “given” in my life, but after being without internet access, and the cell phone going dead, a true realization was revealed. We are unimaginably privileged to have these abilities to even HAVE a Tech Community, and after such an experience I believe that no one should take this for granted.
Imagine a weekend without technology – No calls, No internet, No Connections. If a weekend without technology doesn’t rattle you, then what about a workday without communications. Having to find people the old fashion way, and having inability to send that email across the building for the smallest conformation.

Our connections with technology have created an almost unlimited ability to be connected to everybody, at any time and acquire information with a couple clicks of a mouse….

Can you imagine a world without this ability?