DS Download Service inside the Nintendo Channel

I talked about the Nintendo Channel earlier this month here on my blog now I will talk more on the DS Download Service that’s inside the Channel. The DS Download Service let’s you download demos for you to try out on your DS. Now while recently checking the Nintendo Channel again I decided to see if the DS Demos have changed from the last time I saw it.  They have, well some of them, they still have some of the Nintendo made games that were there last time but they added some other ones like for example the one that I saw was a Demo for a game I talked about back at the end of March, that game is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and I decided to check it out and they let you play through the first part of the game where they do a simple small trial and introduce some of the characters. So if you ever wanted to try this game you can if you have a Wii, you just gotta go get it before they take it down I think they will change the demos on the first of June so if you want to try out the demo go now and get it before they take it down and be sure to check out the newest demos when they put them up.