Free Laptop Scammers Still At Work

Back on March 5, 2007 I posted an article about those free laptop ads that seems to plague the Internet [here]. So this morning when I received two back to back comments on the article, it raised my suspicions, as it should yours. You see here at LG for my site, I have it setup that ALL comments must be approved before they are posted to the article. So I had to laugh when the second comment agreed with the first comment, which was totally impossible since it had not been posted for anyone to see. I also noted that the IP address for both comments was the same. Here are the comments with the scammed web site removed for your safety.

The first comment was:

I saw the commercial on sci-fi for the free laptop

I thought it was BS but I got my laptop Saturday!

I did not have to give social security number or use my credit card, all I had to give was mailing address (guess they need it to ship the laptop) and email address.

I got 40 emails from them, but I deleted them, and I think that is an excellent trade off! 40 emails for a new laptop!

always watch yourself online but this offer is legit- I got proof!

The second comment which followed:

Holy crap

I had a similar story then the guy above me. I went to the same site after seeing it on history channel.
I looked into them before I started and they have recommendations from two state ag’s (attorney generals). That won me over.
Got my Free New Laptop just like commercial says, who knew that not all commercials were bs??? Well I know this site works and it was not hard at all, def worth using if you dont want to pay for a laptop but need one.

What is unfortunate is that if there are REAL legitimate sites out there that REALLY give away laptops, who is going to trust them?

Comments welcome.