Website of the Week: I Want One Of Those

Online Shopping,
Week Begining June, 2 2008

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular nowerdays, and if you are a gadget geek, a techno junkie, or a bargian hunter, then this site is exactly what you need. It contains hundreds of fantastic pieces of excellent technological and original kit for you to buy in all price ranges. Maybe a fridge magnet that doubles as a digital photo frame for just £29.99. Or maybe Or a pocket shower containing 10 litres of water for shower on the go for half that price. Perhaps a bubble wrap keyring that never ever runs out of pop, £7.95. Or if money is no object to you, maybe for £3,000 you might want to be an extra on a film set for one day.

Either way, this website is packed with fantastic deals you won’t be able to find any where else. They don’t just deal with cool stuff, but also with useful stuff, such as the cool/useful portable shower above or the portable BBQs available for a cheap price. The site is often mentioned in newspapers and television networks in both the United Kingdom (it’s base providing cheap postage to the states, under $20) and in the USA.

It’s a very well designed resource with amazing gadgets and cheap postage. What more could you ask for? That makes, I Want One Of Those, one of my top sites so far, and I hope that you find yourself a bargian. It’s stuff you don’t need, but you really really want.