Icahn Targets Yang Directly

This is getting to be one of those stories that no one wants to see, but no one can turn away from.


found in Wikipedia under heading of ‘rat bastard’

Billionaire investor and corporate raider Carl Icahn has vowed to oust Jerry Yang if he gets his way in the Yahoo merger with Microsoft. There are some really bad feelings here, although the elements of each party are easily understood. Yang was looking out for his company, his employees, and the good of the investors, although the good of the investors was in last position. Icahn seems to think that the investors come first, somehow forgetting that there was a Yahoo before there were investors.

Since he has a staff of his own, it would be interesting to see how Icahn treats them – as people in their own right, or as possessions, to be bought and sold. It is clear that the (formerly) almighty dollar is priority one, and the dollar value is above the product, the establishment, and those who deliver the product.

It is clear that we (as a country) learned nothing by the lessons of the junk bond kings, and the corporate raiders of the ‘90s, so here history is repeating itself.  We will all be the poorer for it.

The sad thing is that the acquisition of Yahoo will not net them better search technology. If they had the capability, they would implement it on Live! Search. They would implement it on Microsoft.com. They don’t – because they can’t. That is also why the just released Windows Desktop Search 4.0 is being reviewed as slow, buggy, and far less capable than other products with significantly fewer developers.


Also, once inside Microsoft, even by proxy, Icahn will start looking at why their stock isn’t performing as he thinks it should – lookout, Monkeyboy.


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