Running Windows apps on Mac OS X without Windows

So in an earlier post I mentioned ways to play around with different OSes on OS X. If you want to run Windows apps but don’t want to pay for a copy of Windows, you could install ReactOS. But what if you only want to run one app? Codeweavers have an interesting product called Crossover, but that costs money. However the project it’s built up from, Darwine, is totally free. Darwine is a special port of Wine specifically for OS X. Linux users have been using Wine to run Windows apps for years. Since I’m using Leopard on an Intel machine, I used this build I found online. I’m not sure about PowerPC users, but you might have luck with older versions. Installation was a little confusing until I deleted some faulty preferences and reinstalled. It’s still not as smooth as booting into Windows straight up, but for a free solution it’s very nice. And there’s no issues with capturing mouse/keyboard actions from the host OS and sending them to the guest OS like in virtual machines I’ve tried.