9 easy ways to support the environment

It is possible to do a few small things to help save the environment, all while still doing the things that you love.

  1. Consider using compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs). They cost a bit more than regular bulbs, but you’ll lower your electric bill and pay less in the long run-CFLs last up to ten times longer than traditional ones.
  2. Spare trees by replacing paper filters in your coffeemaker with reusables (usually gold colored).
  3. Embrace the sun: You may not be ready for a totally sun-powered home, but you can get a taste of the technology by using solar-powered lighting in your yard or on your patio.
  4. Yuban coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified (that means it’s grown in a way that preserves the ecosystem). A Fair Trade Certified brand is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Even Starbucks Coffee has a few Fair Trade Certified ‘flavors’.
  5. Every American produces about four and a half pounds of garbage a day. So before you buy something, eyeball the amount of cardboard, plastic, and/or other materials used for the box or wrapping. Wal-Mart is one big retailer that is waking up to the problem: The chain is replacing petroleum-based plastic containers with corn-based packaging for precut fruit, herbs, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts.
  6. Certain greens can help remove indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene. Don’t have the gardening gene? Golden pothos, English ivy, and peace lilies are all easy-to-grow toxin fighters.
  7. Cell phones, digital cameras, and camcorders have made these batteries more popular than ever, but in certain states-Florida, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Vermont-it’s illegal to throw them away. Wherever you live, you can find a nearby store that will recycle them for you; just go to rbrc.org and type in your zip code.
  8. Refrigerators eat up the most electricity in the household. Maximize efficiency by keeping the fridge at 37°F. and the freezer at 0°F.
  9. RECYCLE! It is not that difficult. In most places, it is as simple as putting recyclable materials in a different bin. If it means you have to put different bins out on different days of the week, then do it.

9 ideas taken from 50 Easy Ways to Go Green