GM Dropped the Ball on Hybrids

Dear General Motors,

You’re a little late to the punch. You have just started to roll hybrid cars off the lines. Meanwhile Honda and Toyota have been rolling hybrid vehicles off the lines for years. Dealerships have waiting lists for the things. They will even be offering plug-in hybrids soon. The EV-1 you invented years ago was a really good vehicle. But it was way too easy and cheap for consumers to maintain those vehicles. You enjoyed the money you were getting by servicing gas powered engines so much that you sabotaged the EV-1. Then you could say “Well, we tried an electric vehicle! It didn’t work!” You then continued to reap the dough in for continuing to support and maintain combustion engines.

The EV-1 was far ahead of its time. Imagine if you continued to produce those vehicles? You would have been raking in the dough since 2000 when gas prices started soaring. You’d be at the top of the heap. Way ahead of Toyota and Honda. Instead, you are closing plants and suffering losses. Did you not learn this lesson in the ’70s and ’80s when American’s made a mad rush to smaller cars before? You blamed the Japanese for taking American jobs back then and encouraged us all to “Buy American!” This time you’re blaming oil prices. How about blaming yourself for making crappy products?

Here’s an idea. How about creating innovative products that consumers actually want. Make them easier and cheaper to maintain instead of trying to squeeze every last penny out of us with maintenance, financing as well as the price of the vehicle.