Pets Suffer During This Economic Downturn

One of the victims of this present economic downturn is pets. With the housing crisis, soaring gas prices, escalating food bills and other economic pressures, people are finding that their income cannot cover the cost of keeping a pet. Many animal shelters are reporting peak capacity for their facilities. Pets are being abandoned at these shelters. People see no alternatives.

Two things that would help immensely are financial donations to your local shelters and finding suitable homes for these pets. These pets are there because of the financial problems of their owners – and not through any troublesome misbehaviour. They would be wonderful pets.

The problem with abandoned pets may parallel the economic trends. As everyone knows by their budget, the financial pressures show no signs of abating. For those who are looking for a pet, please consider these new residents at the animal shelter. Their numbers are growing.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations