SUV Bashing

OK, there are a lot of people offended because of the media bashing SUV’s and large gas guzzling vehicles. Some people just love their SUV’s. I read many excuses as to why people must have an SUV. ‘I have kids!’ and ‘I own a boat!’. Chill out people! I think most people agree that if you have a legitimate reason to own a large vehicle, then that’s great. Own one! However, it’s these people that own one without anything to haul around that are a nuisance. No kids, no boat, and they certainly don’t enjoy off-roading.

DINK’s just use SUV’s to be seen and take up space. I see many yuppies driving around in their Escalade’s with a sense of superiority. This behavior is bizarre to me. It’s not the people that need large vehicles that are the problem. It’s the people that use them for stupid reasons. This is America and sure, you can drive whatever you like, but I question the intelligence of somebody that would rather spend more on gas and sacrifice safety as well as the environmental benefit for no apparent reason other than attention.