Top 5 Antivirus Applications

The people over at Lifehacker have run a small, non-scientific study, compiling statistics on the most popular [best] antivirus applications.

AVG came out on top, with a 33% share of the votes, which is not surprising, as it is one of the products that has a free version. Surprisingly, NOD32, a product that has no free component, came in next, with 21% of the votes. Considering that it must be paid for, this is high praise indeed.

Not at all surprising, Norton or Symantec names were nowhere close to Top 5 contenders, no matter how much Symantec lobbies and spreads propaganda about its products efficacy and ease of use.

An honorable mention went to ClamWin, which is an open source model software, although no mention is made of where the signature files come from. 

I have not checked recently, but several of the well known antivirus  products all use the signatures from Kaspersky Labs – I know that AVG does. Considering this fact, I might have expected Kaspersky to finish higher in the standings than it did, garnering only 12% of the votes.

It also amazes me that Frisk Labs, makers of F-Prot finished nowhere in the mix. This company used to have the very best antivirus software a few years back. It had the fewest false positives, got all the bad stuff, and ran like lightning (not simply my opinion, check older reviews of AV software). I remember that the only reason I changed to AVG Free from F-Prot was that I needed to save a little money in the short term. I just never went back because AVG worked well.

With the recent number of problems I’ve had with AVG – not the ones reported by Ron Schenone here on LG, I am thinking seriously about a return to F-Prot. (Although it still bothers me that I haven’t seen a review of their product in a while – has anyone else seen a review of F-Prot in the last 3 years?)

My preference for F-Prot is based on the fact that I like a product that relies heavily on signatures and less on heuristics, as the latter style of processing tends to show many more false positives, and also wastes processor time. Some will argue that heuristics will get the newest virii that are released, and that its true, this is simply my preference – life is full of tradeoffs. I am willing to give up that little bit of protection for better use of my computer’s resources.

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